Alchemy Stars Pre-Registration Is Open Now

Alchemy Stars, the decidedly slick looking new mobile RPG from Tencent, has kicked open pre-registration.

Tencent has announced that players looking to join the mystical world of Astra can pre-register to pick a path, plan their strategy, and dominate the forces of evil in this new RPG. After teasing the title back at the end of last year, gamers from across Europe, Japan, Korea, Australia, and other regions can prepare for Tencent’s latest mobile Line Strategy RPG. Featuring a mix of online strategic RPG systems and deck building card play, Alchemy Stars is an attempt to mix up the traditional mobile JRPG market.

A New Adventure

While you can still expect the usual gorgeous animated graphics and epic sweeping melodies that we’ve become accustomed to as part of any good JRPG, developer Tourdog Studio is promising that this particular game will raise the genre to the new heights of strategy and suspense with an epic hero story. Following the events of a horrendous attack, the game finds a lone survivor journeying back out into the land of Astra and creating their own legacy. Anybody jumping into this adventure will find a world that combines science and magic, where you’ll have to master elemental attributes while managing different combat systems. That’s quite the bar to set, so suffice to say we’re excited to find out what the result is. Anybody interesting in getting a feel for the game can check out the new trailer that Tencent dropped, just above, before heading over to pre-register.

Global pre-registration is already open, with Japanese, Korean, and English language support already in place. Both iOS and Android owners can put their names down, with a series of rewards in place for increasingly large registration numbers. Across the tiers, plyers can grab a range of in game currencies, furniture, avatars, and surprise gifts up to the 1 million player mark. Check out more on the official Alchemy Stars website now.

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