All Aboard A Second Update For Train Life: A Railway Simulator

Prepare for a ton of new content with the news that Train Life: A Railway Simulator has a brand new update.

Train Life: A Railway Simulator just got a new update that is set to add new tracks, locations, locomotives, and service center changes to your travels. Developer Simteract and publisher Nacon confirmed that owners of this early access rail sim can expect to find this free of charge add on ready for action right now, adding plenty of extra timetables to the title.

New Content

As a follow on the the very first update back in November 2021, players can now journey into new parts of Eastern Europe, across the German border and around the Czech Republic and Poland to explore new locales. While on the way, passengers and rail tycoons can try out a new electric locomotive, the Lechner-Koch DP2500. Alongside the blue and yellow facade, there’s a fully realized interior with all the bells and buttons that the real world provides. When this new addition to the fleet needs a bit of tender care, the new Service Center overhaul looks likely to make life a lot easier for anybody trying to get stuff done. You can see some of the changes over on a recent dev blog, but now it takes much of the feedback Simteract received and adds a revamped UI with better information on parts, as well as easier switching between trains. All these changes sit alongside a bunch of quality improvements and bug fixes, meaning Train Life: A Railway Simulator looks set to stay on track for a speedy launch.

Since initially announcing an early access launch on Steam, this rail sim has ushered plenty of passengers up into the role of a railway tycoon. Heading a fictional company, players are expected to both guide a fledgling enterprise and learn to drive trains. It mixes the best of business acumen with making train go choo. If you miss that morning commute then maybe it’s worth checking out the official Steam Store page now.

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