ALLDOCUBE X Set for Release in December


Press Release: Electronic gadgets from mainland China  are famous for providing the best performance/price ratio of all time, and ALLDOCUBE X  ( reaffirms the statement once again, supported by the fact that around 1,600 backers across the globe have contributed to make the crowdfunding campaign a success.

Before the concept was born, the developers completed market research among the most-known 10-inch size tablet with a resolution of 2560*1600, which can be easily seen from the comparison chart of the campaign below:

They adopted the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4’ display to make the X the first Super AMOLED Android tablet from China. Besides that fascinating display, they also added some other tempting features of their own, like the HiFi AKM sound chip for improved audio while you are enjoying movies, music etc.

Here’s the audio demonstration:

Next up is the PE2.0 quick charge function to fully charge in a shorter time. It features a whopping 8000mAh battery capacity to power through a whole day. Last but not least, the pricing is very attractive with only a third of the cost to own a tablet that shares the same gene as Samsung Galaxy Tab S4.

Like most of the crowdfunding project on Indiegogo, delays in production are inevitable sometimes. But from the update they shared, they will be on the right path to solve it and take the campaign further. Mass production will start on December 10 and shipment will follow on December 15. Christmas gift?

A good idea always deserves to be heard and get support, and that’s the whole point of the existence of the Indiegogo community, where people can find extraordinary products and be inspired. We have faith in ALLDOCUBE to fulfill the campaign and finally release this stunning tablet to the whole world.

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