Alt-Frequencies – the News One Stories Tunes Into Alexa

Alt-Frequencies – the News One Stories

Alt-Frequencies – the News One Stories is about to turn Alexa’s into a gaming platform as this new audio mystery begins to broadcast for free.

Coming from critically acclaimed developer Accidental Queens and co-producer ARTE, this new audio adventurer is a prequel to the time looping mystery Alt-Frequencies that recently released across Steam, iOS, and Android. Set a couple of months before the traditional platform release, this prequel puts players in the chair as a brand new editor and chief of a national news radio station. Much like Headliner, the decisions you make will have consequences and what direction you take will at least have an impact on your own career. As the editor, players must choose which stories to broadcast over the airwaves as the country outside hangs on the edge of revolution. Unlike more traditional games, this new narrative is not going to need a controller when it plays out on your Amazon smart assistant.

As new technology disrupts the normal status quo and a lively cast of journalists jostle for your attention, a mystery will unfold. The fate of a disparate group of people, multiple radio stations, and your listening audience are all potentially in the balance as you progress. In order to unravel this mystery, editors will solve a series of puzzles to progress in their investigation. A radio/audio format is used as the game’s key mechanic, delivering an innovative and original method of non-linear storytelling which has become the signature calling card of acclaimed development studio Accidental Queens. If you haven’t heard of Accidental Queens then you might have played their indie hit, A Normal Lost Phone.

Get a glimpse into the lives of students, conspiracy theorists, radio hosts, politicians, and train station managers as you change the dial to Alt-Frequencies – the News One Stories on Alexa, the Alexa app for smart devices, and the developer’s website. It’s certainly a new approach and something even Amazon’s own game studios aren’t trying out. You can play this ingenious game for free or head over to the official website to find out more about the two titles in this series


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