Aluna: Sentinel of the Shards Arriving May 26th

Digitart Interactive and N-Fusion have announced the PC and Nintendo release date for Aluna: Sentinel of the Shards. Players will be able to get hold of the game for $19.99 beginning May 26, 2021. The PlayStation and Xbox versions of the game will follow at a later date.

Aluna is the daughter of a conquistador and the South American goddess, Pachamama. Raised in 16th century Spain, she runs back to the “new world” when she realizes it is her true home. The game taps into Inca history and into the lore of the comic book heroine, Aluna. It offers fans of ARPGs “deep mechanics” such as those found in the Diablo series of games as well as “the revisionist mythology of God of War”. Wrap it all up in a bestiary that includes mythological creatures and stories from Columbian culture, and players should find a unique experience.

Features include:

  • Non-Stop Real-Time Combat – Your skills will define your fate. Experience fast-paced action using a vast array of weapons abilities to defeat your enemies. Combine your combat abilities with spells and evasion tactics to gain the upper hand in the heat of battle.
  • Explore a Vast New World – From large gloomy jungles to the Sanctuary seaside cliffs, all the way to Nagaric’s Temple in the Volcanic Canyons. Journey through a mysterious unexplored territory.
  • Battle Mythological Creatures – Your travels will be perilous as this land is teeming with dark mythological creatures and demons that stop at nothing to end Aluna’s journey through the New World.
  • Choose from a vast array of weapons based on historical weapons from the Old World (South America) and New World (Spanish Empire).
  • Collect, craft, and trade hundreds of unique items and loot.

Check out the Aluna: Sentinel of the Shards official site to learn more.

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