Amazon Might Be Streaming Games Soon


Amazon is rumored to be working on a game streaming service of its very own. If CNET is correct then a new competitor has entered the arena.

Hot on the heels of the much-maligned Google Stadia, another one of the internet’s biggest players has hit start on a game streaming project of its own. The yet to be named Amazon game streaming project hit the rumor mill some time ago but last night we got more concrete information from news networks.

It appears that Amazon is going to officially announce the service next year and is built on the backs of some major names in the gaming industry. Amazon has been quietly burning cash on a number of gaming projects including their acquisition of Twitch, developing Lumberyard, and crafting upcoming games like MMORPG New Worlds and Shooter Crucible. Alongside these projects, Amazon has also signed up more than a few significant industry names like Christoph Hartmann or 2K, John Smedley, and Colin Johansen or Guild Wars 2 fame all helming existing projects or taking senior roles in Amazon Games Studio. Amazon also owns other gaming studios outside the Amazon barn, including Killer Instinct developer Double Helix, and sells a ridiculous number of video games on its storefront.

Based on the information that is squirming out into the public domain, the major shopping mart is now staffing up for another gaming project. It is expected that any online game streaming services will leverage Twitch, which currently provides Amazon Prime subscribers with free loot, games, and a monthly Twitch sub for no extra charge.

While we don’t have any details on the service, what its pricing model or games will be, it is entirely likely that this service will use Amazon’s own cloud service, edge network, and Content Delivery Network, known as AWS and Cloud Front, to help reduce overall response time between their player and the content they are consuming. With services easily comparable to competitors like Google and Microsoft directly under Amazon’s control and the benefit of hindsight it’s all Amazon’s to lose. Whether the consumer base is ready to put their trust in yet another streaming service is another matter.


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