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Amazon Music just dropped a blog post that means that we’ve got a new source for music during those late-night raids and it’s finally free for everyone.

Until now, the online megalith that is Amazon has had a fairly limited music arrangement. The Amazon Music service has a library of over 50 million songs. Unfortunately, this sits behind a paywall as part of the Amazon Unlimited Music Service. Prime Subscribers also have access to 2 million songs via the same service which includes free delivery as well as giving gamers free loot and a monthly subscription on Twitch. For the first time, everybody can access a range of titles on the Amazon Musicplatform via an Ad-supported service.

Ad-ded Extras?

The Ad-supported music stream gives access to a variety of the Amazon catalog, but don’t expect it to cover the full range of the Amazon Unlimited service. Instead, Amazon has stated that

Now, customers in the U.S., UK, and Germany will be able to enjoy more music with no subscription or credit card required. Music fans will be able to play thousands of stations based on any song, artist, era, and genre; hear top global playlists; and the best in Holiday tunes.

This selection hasn’t been broken down but the careful language suggests that it will be a curated list of playlists and stations that can be streamed to Amazon Music app on iOS, Android, FireTVs, and web browsers.

We already know that some of the Gamesapce Staff have cut off their own paid music subs and moved over to the Amazon service so is this going to tempt you to move over from other providers or is your raiding playlist just too important to flip stations this late in the game? Find out more about the Amazon music service over on the official Amazon blog post now.


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