Amazon Unveils March Update Plan For Lost Ark

After an explosive start, Amazon’s Lost Ark is about to get even more adventure fuelled additions with a new March update.

Lost Ark the massively new MMOARPG from Amazon Studios is set to follow up its impressive entrance on our shores shores with a brand new Abyss Raid, among other updates. The upcoming content for this journey through Arkesia is live now and Amazon has given us a glimpse of the upcoming challenges and rewards that await.

March Into The Abyss

This content includes a new story update, adding in an entirely new quest. Dragging heroes across to the Isteri and Bamboo Islands, the March update will attempt to find the legendary Kadan. This iconic Guardian Slayer might be crucial in your journey to find the Lost Ark, and along the way, you’ll likely get to know the local Sidereals too.

That’s not all. March heralds a brand new Abyss Raid. Taking on the imposing Argos. While Amazon isn’t adding any more details yet, we know that players will need to progress through three distinct phases as they work together to vanquish their titanic foe. Along the way, players will be able to take on three different phases, each with their own Item Level and reward on offer. Phase 1 begins at 1370, with Phase 3 topping off at Item level 1400, but long before that the precursor guide quest “Abyss Raid Unlocked!” must be overcome.

PvP will make an entrance too, with the start of Season 1 of competitive action. Players will be able to queue solo for the ‘Team Deathmatch’ mode and track their Competitive Match Average Score. To be in with a chance to loot some rewards players should first play the pre-season Proving Grounds and reach Tier 1, then wait for the first season of PvP to begin later on in the month. There are also a bunch of general fixes coming, and a slightly more casual limited-time Arkesia Grand Prix racing event. Think Chocobo GP bt a whole lot more Lost Ark with teams of 7v7. You need to check it out to believe it.

For anybody still trying to decide how to tackle the mighty Argos, there’s a new trailer above, and while Amazon’s New World might be struggling to fight back the bugs, it looks like Smilegate’s Lost Ark is going to be plenty busy for payers looking to down some dungeon raids for the near future. Find out more about the pending updates over at the official blog now.

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