Amnesia: Rebirth Launches for PS4 and PC

Frictional Games has announced that Amnesia: Rebirth is now available for both PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. The game challenges players to survive in a horror-filled world to recapture the protagonist’s memories.

Players take on the role of Tasi whose family and companions have disappeared. She has no memory of what has happened and seems to have lost more than a few days. Players are challenged to retrace her steps of the past few days to “piece together her fragmented past”.

Features include:

  • Explore environments and uncover their histories.┬áIn this first-person narrative horror experience, no location is like the others, and each is filled with mysteries and secrets for players to explore.
  • Overcome challenges that stand in your way. You will encounter a wide and varied number of mysterious contraptions and physics-based puzzles.
  • Carefully manage your limited resources, both physical and mental in order to stay in the light and keep your fear under control
  • Encounter horrific creatures and use your wits to escape them
  • Incredible cinematic sound design that will make you feel inside the game’s world
  • Don’t let your fear consume you. Stay out of the dark, avoid horrific sights, and control your panic or suffer long-lasting consequences.

Check out the Amnesia: Rebirth official site to learn more.

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