Amnesia: The Bunker Arrives to Inspire Nightmares

Amnesia: The Bunker Arrives to Inspire Nightmares

Frictional Games has announced that Amnesia: The Bunker is ready to inspire new nightmares for players around the world. The first-person horror game is the newest iteration in the series and is now available for PC via Steam, GoG, and Epic Games Store. Xbox and PlayStation users can also get in on the labyrinthine action.

The Bunker updates the series by adding new gameplay elements with “emergent gameplay” and few scripted events. According to devs, players will find a semi-open world to explore that “demands quick and creative thinking.”

Players are put into the shoes of a WW1 soldier trapped in a terrifying bunker. The goal is to escape unharmed, a fact made more difficult by the pursuit of The Beast. Along the way, the action is enhanced by a visual and aural design that “closes in around you and squeezes tight.”

Features include

  • Player choice – emergent gameplay in a sandbox horror survival experience
  • Unscripted environment – objects, threats, and resources, change in every playthrough
  • Adaptive threats – an ever-present gruesome creature that stalks the player.  
  • Tactile immersion – all-new levels of interaction with the world through puzzle-solving and tool handling
  • Absorbing yet terrifying tale – experience hell on earth in an appalling fictional story
  • Engrossing atmosphere and tension – enhanced lighting effects and carefully designed sound effects for a real horror experience.

The Bunker is the latest game from Frictional that expands the series. Previously, developers released the Penumbra Story followed by Amnesia: The Dark Descent, SOMA, and Amnesia: Rebirth.

Inspire nightmares by visiting the Amnesia: The Bunker official site for more details.

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