Among Us VR Will Get A New Polus Map

Among Us VR, the immersive deception experience, is getting a brand new map inspired by Polus .

Slip on your headset, and get to work in a brand new environment later this year when Among Us VR adds a brand new map. Innersloth, Schell Games, and Robot Teddy announced the backdrop for this colorful whodunnit with a teaser trailer last night. By the looks of it, the newest arena that these overlords are adding is likely to be a spin off from the original 2D title’s Polus map. Things are still in early stages , however. Community coting is no open, so you can help decide on the following themes for the latest level. The choices available include:
• Polus Mines
• Polus Frontier
• Polus Point

You can take a look at the work in progress, and get an idea what each might look like in the trailer above, and vote on the poll..

Patch Updates

While the new map is still in flux, the upcoming Patch 4 details a little more concrete. We know that this upcoming addition to Among Us VR will slot in some highly-requested features, including lobby customization options. The lobby options will allow something in the region of 9 billion customization configurations. This allows players to modify the pace, balance, and general rules of how a match plays out, with some VR exclusive options .

IN order to make sure these work as intended, the developers are looking for crash test beans to join the ongoing open beta. Whether you’ve got an old school Oculus, a Meta Quest 2, or you’ve pre ordered a slinky new HTC Vive XR Elite, you can participate in the beta and vote on the upcoming map options by heading over to the official Among Us VR Discord or start at the official website and hop on from there. Among Us VR is available for $9.99 USD on Meta Quest Store, Rift, and Steam stores.

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