Amplitude Shares What’s Next For Humankind

Amplitude Shares What's Next For Humankind

The developers from Amplitude Studios have taken to the official Steam page of strategy Humankind to share what’s in store for the game in the nearest future.

The team has been hard at work investigating and fixing bugs since the game’s launch on August 17th. The developers plan to deliver at least two patches to address various problems with the first already available as a beta test on an option Steam branch. Here’s a small sample of what players can look forward to:

  • Broadened generation conditions of Oil and Uranium deposits to reduce the risk of not enough deposits of either spawning
  • Fixed GamePass players being unable to use multiplayer with the error message “You were forcibly disconnected from the game”
  • Fixed “Stuck on tenet screen if all tenets are taken” bug
  • Fixed several causes of turns not processing and getting stuck
  • Improved AI behavior and performance

“We’re already hard at work on the patch after the next one as well, but that one will take a little longer to be finished and released. In addition to more bug fixes, we want this patch to improve multiplayer and include a balance pass on several aspects of the game, such as cultures.” – Amplitude Studios.

The team is still working on the modding tools to put the first version into the hands of players as soon as possible and empower the community to create their own mods. The initial release will have more limited capabilities that the team would like to achieve, but the plan is to deliver this together with one of the upcoming patches.

In the meantime, players have access to the map editor and a number of bug fixes and improvements are coming in the next patch.


“We’ve seen many avid discussions about the game, and many interesting suggestions for how to change or improve it. Diplomacy, pollution, religion, and war resolution are only some examples of the many topics that came up in these discussions. We are of course keeping a close eye on these discussions to understand what you do or do not like about the game and what changes you would like to see.

However, these are big topics that may require big changes to address your concerns thoroughly. We need to carefully consider the steps we take on these issues, and then take time to properly implement and test these changes, so we will unfortunately not be able to provide a quick solution to these, though we will continue to work on balance improvements that may help to alleviate some of the problems you have been talking about.”

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