Anamorphine Delayed Until Late Q1, 2018


The development team at Artifact 5 provided the following update on the progress of adventure game Anamorphine:

“A little bit of extra care always goes a long way. We’ve been working on it, our introspective adventure title, for quite some time now. Naturally, we’re excited to cross the finish line and let players experience the story of Tyler and Elena in full. As we draw near our intended launch date of January 16, we’ve decided that we need a few more weeks to polish Anamorphine. Thanks to all the members of our community for your patience.”

The game will now be available Late Q1, 2018 on PC, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation VR for $19.99 USD.

Watch the “Inside Anamorphine – Tyler’s Struggle” gameplay video with commentary from Producer Samantha Cook.

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About Anamorphine

Tyler’s mental illness begins to manifest itself when an accident leaves his wife Elena unable to play the cello―an activity that represents both her livelihood and emotional outlet. Helpless as Elena slips into depression, Tyler returns again and again to the painful memories, his own mind against him. Told through pure environmental storytelling, this adventure eschews dialogue and UI in favor of uniquely surreal scenes and a breathtaking cello-focused soundtrack.

For more information, visit or follow Artifact 5 on Twitter.

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