Angelo’s Adventures Take Centre Stage In The AFK Arena 2nd Anniversary

Angelo, the AFK Arena’s hero of love and peace, took centre stage over the weekend as the mobile RPG dropped a new video as part of its 2nd-anniversary celebrations.

With in game events already ongoing, Lilith Games dropped a new update on social channels over the weekend that fans of this on the go adventure will appreciate. In something of an ode to a character that everybody loves, but nobody really wants to see when they are drawing with high tier Soulstones, the latest update is a fully animated adventure starring Angelo. Accompanied by something of a jaunty ballad, the 2 minutes of jest follows Angelo after he discovers a magical hourglass that can pause time. This seems to be a significantly lighter tone than the Tales Of crossover teaser that publisher Lilith pushed out.

In Game Events

Alongside the fun side quest of Angelo’s, AFK Arena already has a whole ton of in game events to celebrate its 2nd anniversary of operation. New characters are the obvious headline, with the arrival of Lightbearer Peggy and Wilder Raku. While Peggy is built around buffs and debuffs, Raku the Racoon has an Acorn Cannon. Really, that’s all I need to say on the matter. If you’re not sold at Acorn Cannon then you’re not a racoon person.

To prepare for the launch into the following year of action, the ongoing updates also include a bunch of free loot. Players using the code aaz27uvgfi can unlock a treasure trove of 3000 Diamonds and 30 extra Summons. There are also up to 100 summons are on offer, as a mix of daily login rewards, as well as makeovers coming for some of the game’s most well known heroes.

As for the trailer, I’m told there’s a secret in Angelo’s adventure. While the community seem to be all in on the idea that the hourglass signals a Prince of Persia crossover, I’ll leave you to decipher the meaning behind that addition, or not. You can check out Angelo’s adventure above and get into the AFK Arena 2nd Anniversary via the Google Play Store and Apple App Store now.

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