Angels of The Zariman Brings New Warframe Adventure To PC & Console In April

Sharpen those blades space ninja, Digital Extremes has announced that the latest Warframe Expansion, Angels of Zariman is set to launch on all platforms during April.

At the end of last week, developer Digital Extremes gave ardent fans of the multiplayer epic Warframe a glimpse at what’s coming in Angels of the Zariman. Now we have a little more detail on what to expect, and a launch window for the next phase of your Warframe adventure. For those that have missed the galaxy shaking events of recent times, this update is a direct follow on to the title’s huge The New War expansion. After the return of an ancient enemy and some massive consequences for everyone, a new chapter in this Cinematic Quest saga arrives. It will add a new central questline with 30+ hours of narrative-driven single-player cinematic gameplay where players will visit the once lost Zariman. We’re not going to ruin the lore or how it ties into the updates, but the impact this could have on the Tenno is significant.

Tenno will also have the opportunity to try out a new Warframe, three new playable mission types, a social hubtown, customizable apartments for players aboard the Zariman Ten Zero, and more. Of course, there will be tons of bug fixes and quality of life improvements to pad out the rest of the update, but we’re most excited about Void Shell Skin. New to the game, these customizations are available to earn as well as purchase, allowing players to freely change textures on materials and apply a tint to their Warframe. So, all pink all the time from now on. If you can’t wait until next month then Nightwave: Nora’s Mix Vol. 1 will be launching this week on all platforms, bringing a mix of unique rewards spanning the old and new with a fresh selection of Acts that all players can experience. For more information on Nightwave: Nora’s Mix Vol. 1, including details on upcoming Acts and awesome rewards.

Warframe will also be celebrating its 9 year anniversary with a ton of free to play content, complimentary gear, and Prime Gaming goodies for players. This includes the return of the Dex content, Dex Skin, and more. Whether you’re looking to board the Zarmina, visit the new social hub that is the Chrysalith, take on new enemies, or just explore this mysterious entity, it is worth checking out the recent developer stream ahead of jumping into the Angels of Zariman update. Warframe is available now across PC and consoles for free.

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