Anno 1800: Sunken Treasures DLC Launches On July 30th

Anno 1800 Sunken Treasures DLC Launches On July 30th

The developers from Blue Byte have published a new DevBlog dedicated to the economic strategy Anno 1800 and revealed the release date of the first DLC. Called Sunken Treasures, it will set you on a quest for glory and riches, in which you make history, erecting a new capital to bring a dwindling empire back to its former glory.

“For the first big DLC, we wanted to work with as much player feedback as possible to expand the world of Anno 1800. With the large continental island, we are giving you a chance to create a true mega-city, and with the new crafting system you will have the agency over items that many of you asked for.”

  • A new storyline to experience, with up to 6 hours playtime plus dozens of new additional quests
  • A third session including new small, medium and large islands as well as a continental island which is three times as large as the previously biggest island in the game.
  • The additional third-party trader “Old Nate” who provides access to a brand new crafting and diving bell feature.
  • Over 100 new items, including new quest items, dozens of inventions to craft, additional specialists and new sets for your museum and your zoo.

Sunken Treasures launches alongside Game Update 4 on July 30.

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