Another Sight: Hodge’s Journey Set Free on Steam

Another SIght: Hodge's Journey

Back during Rezzed 2018 one of our favorite previews was an absolutely gorgeous narrative platformer Another Sight. Now, developer Great Lunar Wall Studios is giving us another glimpse into the world of Hodge the cat with the release of Another Sight: Hodge’s Journey for free on Steam.

The original Another Sight is a beautiful platforming puzzler that follows the adventures of the aforementioned Hodge the cat and Kit. Set around old England, this surreal adventure takes clear inspiration from series like Neverwhere and Gormenghast, dragging players into a surreal narrative tale. It dives into a stylised underworld and manages to bring together some of the world’s most iconic cultural icons, all while Hodge and Kit try to navigate a sprawling maze of oddities.

Another Sight: Hodge’s Journey released on November 14 and follows the solo adventures of Hodge the cat. It acts as a prequel to the series’ main game and challenges players to pounce, crawl, and meow their way through a range of puzzles as they crawl closer to their interactions with Kit. This stand-alone game is available to download right now and gives players the opportunity to find out more about the origins of this mysterious feline. It also allows newcomers to the franchise a taster of the game’s amazing aesthetic. If you enjoy your time with Hodge, you can even pick up the main game for 40% off, until November 19.

For more information on Hodge’s Journey and to try it out, check out the official Steam page.

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