Anthem Team Details Big Loot Changes in 2.0


While we still don’t have an ETA when Anthem 2.0 will land, we do know that the team is hard at work retooling most of the game’s biggest features all from the comfort of home during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The official site was updated late last week with a decent-sized post about some significant reworks coming to the game‘s loot system and much more. The caveat is that “the ideas, images, and video clip are works in progress and all subject to change” but it’s exciting to see some of what is in the works.

The letter kicks off with big news on the loot front and the idea that “the loot system (needs to be) extensible and robust”. As a result, BioWare is committed to respecting player time by making loot drops more frequent and more exciting. This means that items are all competitive but there’s a chance to “get something exceptional”. In addition, developers are vested in making sure that players can “pursue specific loot without relying on randomness alone”. This means that players can hunt items through quests, specialized vendors, or by viewing loot tables in order to find that perfect piece. Lastly, there will also be a robust modification system included so that players can tailor their gear appropriately. The goal in all this is to make loot exciting and rewarding for players.

Also with regard to loot:

  • loot will be immediately revealed and can be equipped
  • equipment information will be detailed via a stat sheet which can be seen anywhere at any time
  • with the ability to add inscriptions through the modification system, players will no longer receive “useless” items
  • “exceptional items are about getting the exact types of bonuses you want instead of maxing values on every bonus”
  • power cap can be easily increased with loot scaling alongside it

The team is also looking into ways to make melee items and builds to make them feel more impactful by providing ways to spend skill points to unlock new equipment and synergies.

Check out the full post on the Anthem official site.

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