AOC AGON Just Unveiled Two 49 Inch Monitors. Time To Get A Bigger Desk!

AOC AGON Just Unveiled Two 49 Inch Monitors

AOC AGON, the newly minted gaming brand from AOC, has added two gargantuan 49 inch gaming displays to the new brand.

Launched at the start of the week, the new AGON range of gaming devices seems to be an attempt by the experienced monitor brand to give gamers exactly what they need to make the most of their high-end silicon. AOC has just added the AG493UCX2 and AG493QCX monitors and if you want either of these, then you’ll need some sizeable desk space. Both the AG493UCX2 and AG493QCX are 49 inch displays. Each provides an outstanding view of the battlefield, with curved displays and impressive set of features.

  • The AG493UCX drops onto the desktop with a whopping 165 Hz refresh rate, a 1 ms MPRT response time (4 ms GtG), an integrated KVM, and USB C connectivity.
  • The AG493QCX manages a 144 Hz refresh rate, which is still pretty impressive for a display of this size, and a response rate of 4 ms GtG and 1 ms MPRT.
  • Both devices manage a 32:9 aspect ratio, come built around VA panels, and are fully DisplayHDR 400 ready.

The AG493UCX2 merges two 27 inch QHD displays into a single seamless panel while the AG493QCX manages the same for two Full HD displays with DFHD (3840 x 1080) resolution, giving either choice some serious visual range across your desk whether you’re using the 2x HDMI 2.0 or 2x DisplayPort 1.2 inputs in both devices. The first models of the new AGON series, the 49” AG493UCX2 and AG493QCX, will be available from September 2021 at RRPs of £939.99 and £719.99, respectively.

G3 Series Ready For Smaller Desks

AOC G3 series displays

The AG493UCX2 and AG493QCX aren’t the only announcements this week. The AOC AON added the G3 series displays earlier this week. The 34 inch CU34G3S 31.5 inch, the 31.5 inch C32G3AE, the 31.5 inch AOC CQ32G3SU, the 27 inch C27G3U and the 27 inch CQ27G3SU are all now part of this gaming lineup. Each of the G3 series of displays come in between FHD right up to WQHD resolutions, with VA panels and a new tighter 1000R curvature across all the G3 series gaming displays. The OC CU34G3S, CQ32G3SU, C32G3AE, are already available at RRPs of £539.99, £329.99, £279.99 respectively; while the other models – CQ27G3SU, C27G3U – will be available from September 2021 at RRPs of £319.99 and £257.99.

Whether you’re looking for something small and mighty or truly awe-inspiring the AOC AGON range certainly have all the bases covered for whatever game you’re playing. Check out everything unveiled so far at the AOC website now.

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