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aoc gh200
Big Sound On A Small Screen Budget

With the release of the AOC GH200 and GH300 headsets, this well-known monitor maker is ready to take control of your desktop sights and sounds. We plugged in the GH200 to find out if this budget branded headset is worth putting around your ears.

As AOC’s first foray into the world of audio design, the AOC GH200 headset is a fully wired stereo gaming headset that we’re hoping will give gamers tons of flexibility and pack in plenty of punch across a range of platforms, thanks to the following specifications:



Audio Channels: Stereo
Driver diameter 50 mm
Driver Material PU+PEEK composite diaphragm, Neodymium Magnet
Impedance 32 Ω±15%
Sensitivity 100 ± 3dB (at 1KH 1mW)
Balance canals ≤3dB (at 1KH 1mW)
Rated Power 15mW
Max Power 50 mW
Distortion ≤ 5 %(at 1KHZ 1mW)
Frequency Range 20Hz – 20KHz


Directionality Omnidirectional
Type Detachable
Operating Voltage 1.1V – 4.5V
Sensitivity -38±3dB (0dB =1V/PA)
Impedance 2.2K(Max)
Frequency range 100Hz – 10KHz



Out The Box

Out the box, the AOC GH200 is immediately functional. As you’ll see in our unboxing of the GH200, the all-black appearance is a no-frills approach that allows it to easily live alongside almost any PC or console. There’s a little embellishment with the AOC logo stamped along the headband and printed on the earcups, but this marks the most extravagant design choice on display. This functional aesthetic is a great choice for those that don’t want or need the blaring RGB of a headset like the Snakebyte Head:Set Pro and ROG Theta. While you can find this same subdued color scheme in more expensive headsets, like the LucidSound LS50X, the AOC GH200 comes in a fair sight less than many alternatives. Costing £39, it is a smidge less than the PC focused GH300 but still managed to feature many of the same design choices. A pair of 50mm Neodymium drivers sit beneath a pair of well-proportioned memory foam earpads and the plastic-backed cups are sufficiently big for most users.

Holding the two speakers together is a steel headband, that allows the AOC GH200 earcups to pivot across one axis. Combined with the memory foam earpads this seemed to give more than enough room for manoeuvre when place on my head, but this isn’t the largest headset on the market so do bear that in mind. In addition to the memory foam earpads, the  steel core also comes covered in a leatherette material and houses plenty of memory foam padding along its length. This gives a good mix of strength and flexibility, meaning I wouldn’t expect the AOC GH200 to buckle or indeed become dislodged during the day. Finally, a fixed omnidirectional mic comes hard-wired into the left earcup, just down from a lengthy audio cable that measures a lengthy 2 metres.


aocgh200 side cup

Sound and Feel

Throwing the SOC GH200 on for the first time, it is clear that comfort is key here. A ton of memory foam, a strong steel core, and a good amount of movement in the earcups, ensures the AOC GH200 manages a good balance of grip and comfort the airs towards long sessions in front of PC and console Whether you want to stick with the AOC GH200 for all your gaming is entirely up to you. Much like the rest of the AOC GH200, the sound is functional. The 50mm drivers provide plenty of volume while snuggled comfortably across your head making putting the audio experience right at the forefront of any gaming session. The tuning for these cans is relatively neutral, compared to many bass-heavy alternatives. This should provide plenty of room for the proprietary tuning on any gaming platform to take precedence, but that is only true to a point.

While switching on systems like custom DTS configurations makes a massive difference when stomping through DOOM or listening for the crack of shotgun fire in Apex Legends, the soundscape always feels a little flat and directional audio is not the GH200s strongest point. The dynamic response is equally held back just due to the price point of the GH200, but unless $100 or more is available to spend then these aren’t really reasonable complaints. What the AOC Gh200 does do well is produce consistent audio quality with plenty of power to your ears.


Permanently connected to the left-hand speaker, the boom mic on the AOC GH200 is always ready to go online and keep you connected to your teammates. I find myself using the term functional again, as this mic isn’t going to blow you away but it does do the job. Muted using the AOC GH200 online controls, this mic could be easily replaced by another dedicated desktop mic like the Tonor TC-777 but at the same cost as the AOC GH200, it manages to get in, do the job and does it without any fancy built-in extras.

Overall Impressions

My microphone comments are very much in line with the AOC GH200 as a whole. This new headset does everything it needs to, justifying a place by your PC, console, or mobile gaming platform. It’s a one size fits all headset that brings just enough to the table to perform on all fronts. The solid build quality and comfort are an undeniable attraction for anybody looking for a low-cost pair of cans to fit every quest. Find out more about the AOC GH200 gaming headset now over at the official AOC website now.

The GH200 is a solid start for AOC and a great proposition for anybody looking for an headset that will sit for hours in almost any situation. Without breaking the bank, AOC have crafted a solid all rounder.
  • Comfy
  • Impressive Build Quality
  • Inexpensive
  • Flat soundscpae
  • Can be lacking when it comes to resposiveness
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