APC By Schneider Electric UPS Is Out To Save Your Game

Schneider Electric has announced that it is launching a new APC branded Uninterruptable Power Supply to save your game from unexpected electric disaster.

With a swathe of summer storms heading across the horizon, it might seem like a good time to start thinking about protecting your gaming equipment from unexpected electrical events. While a standard surge protector might help, it’s not quite the same as grabbing a UPS ( Uninterruptable Power Supply). UPS manufacturer Schneider has announced that it is about to extend its APC range of UPS devices to fit the gaming market, and it is coming soon. Designed to perfectly complement and protect living room and desktop gaming setups, this brand new desktop sized UPS looks set to give gamers extensive protection from the elements.

Sinewave Technology

While we don’t have any more detail, as yet, about the new PC branded UPS device, Schneider’s line of existing UPS boxes already provide a range of protection for household, using Sinewave technology and a suite of protection to ensure that gamers’ valuable investments are safe from power irregularities, providing a steady wave of high to low voltage which mimics utility power so that high-end electronics are constantly powered without signal gaps or spikes. The video below provides a bit more detail on how this works.

While a UPS might seem like an expensive investment for some, cheap surge protectors are only really going to work as a one time deal, and even then not always to the standards that a dedicated UPS will. With many of us spending more time at home working as well as gaming, Schneider’s gaming-focused UPS could end up saving more than just your game file, and prevent you having to resort to our tried and tested file recovery options, if lightning strikes. You can check out the official APC brand website now for more detail on the full range of UPS and keep an eye out here for more detail on pricing and performance when we get it here at Gamespace.

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