Apex Legends – Fight Night Collection Event

The developers from Respawn Interactive have taken to the official site of Battle Royale Apex Legends to announce the first Season 7 Collection Event. Called Fight Night, it is going live at 8 pm PT on January 5th.

Fight Night Collection event includes:

  • A new temporary game-type, the “Airdrop Escalation Takeover” – instead of launching as its own playlist, the Airdrop Escalation LTM will be a “takeover” of the normal “Play Apex” game mode. It’s classic Battle Royale, but with way, way more supply drops.
  • The Pathfinder Town Takeover – Entering the ring will prevent any player from using their weapons and any of their abilities. The only way to beat someone is via a bit of fist o’ cuffs. Oh, and don’t worry about any outside ring interference—no outside projectiles, grenades, or abilities can penetrate the ring’s force field.
  • The Fight Night Collection Event, and its associated rewards track, collectible cosmetics, and the new Gibraltar heirloom.
  • Newly generous loot-granting MRVNs
  • And a whole host of balance changes and bug fixes

Check out the official site to find out more about Apex Legends.

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