Apex Legends’ Finally Gets A Pathfinder Origin Story

Fans of Apex Legends, the hugely successful battle royale spun out of the Titanfall universe, can finally find out a little more about Pathfinder’s Origin today.

Dropped over on the Apex Legends YouTube channel, the latest bit of lore from this far future battler gives players a glimpse into the origins of one of the longest serving Apex legends characters. Pathfinder, for those who haven’t picked up the free to play title, is a robot brawler who comes packing some quirky one-liners and a bunch of fast moving zip lines. Now, after almost two years on PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One it seems that this charming chrome plated companion was always meant for greater things.

The new trailer is nearly eight minutes of backstory, following on from the sort of origin takes we’ve seen before, and from the likes of Overwatch. It seems that despite the ability to run and gun, Pathfinder came to life waiting tables. The arena of Apex Legends is about as far from domestic servitude as you can get and the journey from crumpets at noon to high calibre action wasn’t simple either. There’s high speed chases, a mafia boss, full metal fisticuffs, and a bit of detective work all thrown into the mix for anybody interested.

Pathfinder is just one of a growing roster of characters in Apex Legends. Most recently joined by Dr Mary Reid, also known as Horizon, this gang of competitors descend upon a massive arena, looting what they can and utilising a range of unique abilities to run and gun down their opponents. While plenty of other PUBG alternatives have fallen by the wayside in recent years, it seems that Apex Legends still has plenty to show new and long term players. You can check out the Pathfinder origin video above and jump into Apex Legends over at the official website now.

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