Apex Legends to Host a Birthday Blowout in February

Respawn Entertainment and the Apex Legends team have announced plans for an explosive birthday bash starting February 2, 2021. The fete will also mark the debut of Season 8 – Mayhem that introduces Fuse, a brand new Legend joining the fray. In addition, the update includes the 30-30 Repeater lever-action rifle and the newly overhauled Kings Canyon map. To showcase the major changes players can expect, developers released a great new trailer.

Here are a few more details about Mayhem

  • Fuse brings explosive action to the game as a “laid-back explosives enthusiast”.
  • The 30-30 Repeater is a lever-action rifle that can “pick apart the opposition with hard-hitting rounds”.
  • The Mayhem Battle Pass includes over 100 new items such as Legendary skins, Apex Packs, Holo-Sprays, and much more.
  • Ranked Season 8 allows players to try to blast their way to the top of seasonal play.
  • Thanks to Fuse, Kings Canyon has been “dramatically reshaped”.

There are plans to reveal more about the birthday bash and features coming in the Mayhem update so keep your eyes here and on the AL site.

Check out the new trailer and then head to the Apex Legends official site to learn more.

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