Aragami 2 Release Date & New Trailer Arrive

Lince Works has sent out a brand new Aragami 2 trailer that provides eager fans with the release date for the stealth-action series. Players can look forward to playing the game beginning September 17, 2021. Preorders have started for PC, with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S preorders opening soon. Players can pre-purchase the game for $34.99 on PC with a 15% discount prior to launch. Console versions can be preordered for $39.99 once they open.

The cinematic trailer offers a peek into the new game that shows “the incoming terror of the Akatsuchi Empire” that is threatening to take over and destroy Rashomon Valley. The Aragami is the only group willing to put it all on the line to take on the incoming invasion.

The original Aragami hooked fans with a stealth-focused game inspired by classic ninja experiences like Tenchu and rooted in the lore of a beautifully crafted world. The sequel is taking the franchise to loftier heights with enhanced stealth mechanics, and an all-new strategic combat system where every move must be calculated. The game’s gripping narrative can be experienced in full completely solo or with friends as a co-op stealth-action adventure.

Features include:

  • Play solo or in a co-op campaign for up to 4 players
  • Gear customization options
  • Wide array of abilities, shadow powers, and specialized equipment

Check out the Aragami 2 official site to learn more.

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