ArcheAge Players Can Now Head to the Great Prairie of the West Region

ArcheAge Great Plain of the West

XLGames and Kakao Games have announced that ArcheAge has been updated to allow MMORPG players to access the Great Prairie of the West region. Players can head into this all-new location and find a “whole new world” rife with adventure and new discoveries.

Within the Great Prairie of the West, there are several areas and features to explore including:

  • Wildflower Forest made of trees that feed on mist and dew said to have given a magical power to the herbs of the area
  • Forgotten Spike is at the center of the region but no one knows its origin or purpose
  • Terena is an ancient ruin with traces of the Epherium Kingdom
  • Plain’s Eye where the remains of an ancient altar are still visible
  • Guardian Scramble faction competition

In addition to the new location, players will also find several updates to the game including a skill and armor balance adjustment, and a siege balance adjustment.

To celebrate, devs are pulling out all the stops:

  • To mark the occasion, a Back-to-Arche event will be taking place from June 23 through until August 25. During this period, players can log onto the official website and receive up to €1500/$1500 worth of in-game rewards as a coupon from their web inventory. Rewards will vary based on whether players are new/returning or an existing account, but offer exciting items to utilise, gaining up to 10,000 gear scores.
  • In tandem with the Back-to-Arche event, a number of other celebrations will also be taking place. Starting on June 23 and running until July 28, a Level Boost Event will allow players to purchase support packages for each level from the Marketplace, helping players level up faster with growth stones.
  • Additionally, a Daily Consumable Aid Event will enable players to purchase the Homecoming Warrior’s Gift from the Marketplace; this can be bought once a day to assist in combat. While a Level Achievement Event sees the Passionate Leap: Great Prairie Celebration package available at the Marketplace. This will include a Bound Lucent Serendipity Stone, Fruit of Effort Box, and much more.

Check out all the details on the ArcheAge official site.

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