ArcheAge Unchained Live Stream September 6th Recap

Community Managers Carendash and Djaya were back again for the second ArcheAge Unchained Live stream. This weeks live stream was a Q&A session. Unable to answer all of the questions they were flooded with over the last week, the duo focused on the answering the most frequent questions from the community and even had a couple of giveaways before wrapping things up. See what they had to say below and be sure to check back often for all of your ArcheAge Unchained news.

Q: Account Restriction – How are they going to be monitored?

ARCHEAGE: Every player has a maximum of 3 accounts not just the household – it will be closely monitored. This will not apply to the current version of ArcheAge

Q: How many servers?

ARCHEAGE: 2 servers per region named after legendary mages from Erernor – Ayanad Library

  • (North American) Tyrenos and Wynn
  • (Europe) Alexander and Halnaak

Q: Will it be possible to trade costumes in the game?

ARCHEAGE: Waiting for XLGames response

Q: What is the guild cap on Unchained?

ARCHEAGE: Waiting for XLGames response

Q: Is their a faction lock for character creation at launch?

ARCHEAGE: Will be monitored, may lock if needed when needed.

Q: Steam at launch?

ARCHEAGE: Waiting for more information closer to launch

Q: KR Labor Changes Coming to Unchained?

ARCHEAGE: Plans to implement the same as Korea but Labor Potions will not be sold on the store for credits – this will apply (eventually) on both versions of ArcheAge. Current servers of ArcheAge can still use all there potions but they will be removed for credits from the store at a later date. On Unchained natural progression for receiving potions will apply.

Q: Founder Pack purchases?

ARCHEAGE: Purchases via Razer etc are being looked into and if you cannot see your pack it will be fixed soon.

Q: (Current Version) Disappearing Larders?

ARCHEAGE: Waiting for XLGames response

Q: Succubus costume?

ARCHEAGE: This costume is not coming

Q: Maintenance and Forum technical difficulties?

ARCHEAGE: Apology and a compensation pack coming. 

Q: Is Unchained getting the Siege Revamp?

ARCHEAGE: Yes, more info coming!

Q: Swiftblade?

ARCHEAGE: Swiftblade is coming to both versions and will be available at launch

Q: Will Dwarf & Warborn be able to level faster at Unchained launch?

ARCHEAGE: Waiting for XLGames response

Q:Character Creation?

ARCHEAGE: News on this coming very soon

Q: Trade System Changes?

ARCHEAGE: All feedback being forwarded to XL

Q: Will PTS for 6.0 and Unchained be available?

ARCHEAGE: Yes, stay tuned for when.

You can catch the ArcheAge Unchained live stream replay on Twitch
Or join the ArcheAge Unchained Community on Discord

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