Are You Immune To The Baby Yoda Phenomena?

Baby Yoda

Here at Gamespace we love EVERYTHING game and space iconic so we are not immune to the BABY YODA craze sweeping the internet!

Making his first appearance in The Disney + television series The Mandolorian no one was prepared for him. No one, but I am pretty sure when that moment happened breathes were held across the globe as it all dawned on us that we never realized we needed this precious moment so badly. A moment in history just bloomed right in front of us today, not 30 years ago or even ten. Today. We were witnessing a part of so many childhoods for years be born today.

Did I mention today? Now every generation in today’s world has adopted the newest icon of pop culture that has dominated the movie and marketing world for decades and we are here for it!

BABY YODA (yes he is worthy of ALL caps!) has swept the meme galaxy however, last week gif platform Giphy removed all Baby Yoda gif’s after copyright confusion arrived in the form of Disney causing BABY YODA fans to throw their social media hands in the air at the audacity of removing  their baby from the world of gifs. That’s how powerful BABY YODA is!

Never fear though, “The Child’s” gifs have since been reinstated so all is back to normal in the meme world (whatever that may be.) Here are some of our favorites with a side of cake to wash it all down instead of a frog!

My personal favorite so far? Everything to do with the frog snacks and this gem!

Happy BABY YODA adoring Gamespace readers!

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