Arizona Sunshine Brings You Up Close & Personal in Zombie VR Extravaganza

Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine is heading to PlayStation VR in June according to a press announcement from developers. The game brings players up close and personal with zombies all in beautiful virtual reality.

What is Arizona Sunshine?

The game is a VR zombie shooter game originally released for PC VR late last year. It puts you in the middle of piles of the undead. In addition to keeping yourself alive, you’ll be on the hunt for fellow survivors. The journey takes you across the Southwestern US during the campaign that can also be shared with a friend. You can also take on waves of zombies in “Horde” mode in 4-player coop mode.

The game is specially designed to take advantage of PlayStation VR and the DualShock 4 controller. With each, you can get the full frontal view of all the zombies you could ever hope to see. Using the controllers allows you to do several different things including airm, handle weapons, anticipate attacks, reload and more.

When you hear a flash of a human voice on the radio, your hopes surge – there are survivors out in the blistering heat of the post-apocalyptic Grand Canyon state! Armed with little more than your motion-controlled weapons and the scarce ammo and consumables you find along the way, you need to navigate the hordes of zombies coming for your brain in your desperate search for human contact.

Check out the official site to learn more!

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