Arizona Sunshine for PS4 VR Launches Today – Getting Up Close & Personal

PlayStation 4 players will be able to get up close and personal with zombies once Arizona Sunshine arrives. Developers are celebrating today’s launch with a brand new trailer to set the mood.

Arizona Sunshine for PS4 VR

Players have a chance to check out undead beauties in new ways including a full frontal view of all the zombies you could ever hope to see.  *shudders*

You’ll need to keep yourself alive as well as be on the hunt for fellow survivors. The journey takes you across the Southwestern US during the campaign that can also be shared cooperatively with a friend. You can also take on waves of zombies in “Horde” mode in 4-player coop mode.

The game takes advantage of PS VR and the PS4 Pro as well as provides a challenging game mode to use the PS VR aim controller. Using the controllers allows you to do several different things including aim, handle weapons, anticipate attacks, reload and more.

Anyone who has pre-ordered the game or who orders it during its first week will receive the game, a PS4 theme and a 10% discount.

Arizona Sunshine Preorder

You can learn more about the game on its official site.

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