ARK fans raise $91k for charity & learn more about ARK: Genesis

ARK: Genesis

During a special charity fundraising event last weekend, Studio Wildcard developers were on hand streaming ARK: Survival Evolved. Thanks to generous players and fans, the company brought in over $91,000 and learned more about January’s ARK: Genesis DLC in the process.

As a variety of funding milestones were reached, the team divulged information about Genesis including:

TEK Shoulder Cannon: “With potential dangers in every direction, it’s hard to be aware of what may be lurking around the corner. With the TEK Shoulder Cannon, customize what you perceive to be a threat and let it do the rest!”

Fishing Net Item: “If you’re looking to fish on-the-go and don’t have time to take a seat, the Fishing Net in ARK: Genesis will come in handy. The Fishing Net is a one-time use item that’s convenient to capture multiple fish at once, and offers a chance to give you extra rewards in return.”

Magmasaur Creature: “Things are heating up in with Magmasaur in ARK: Genesis. With molten fireball attacks and a fiery internal core, this creature is literally a mobile forge.”

Cruise Missile Weapon: “Want to send someone a message? With a remote-controlled shoulder missile that can be written on, you’re able to do that quite literally. If that message doesn’t go through, feel free to hop on the missile for a ride and deliver it in person!”

Lunar Biome Environment: “The Lunar Biome brings new gameplay mechanics and visuals in ARK: Genesis. Experience a low-gravity biome with a perplexing light cycle and irradiating sunlight that’s dangerous if you’re exposed to it. Adapting to the meteor bombardments and electrical storms will be a challenging, but rewarding experience. It is only in the Lunar Biome will you find the elusive Astrocetus.”

Bloodstalker Creature: “Get yourself out of a sticky situation with Bloodstalker in ARK: Genesis. Use its otherworldly ability to produce and excrete sticky vines to swing into safety. Be careful when approaching a wild Bloodstalker as it may reel you in for a closer examination of your bodily fluids….”

Genesis is said to be the next chapter of ARK: Survival Evolved. It will be delivered to players in two large expansions. New content will expand the current storyline and send players through a variety of completely new environments and biomes. There will be tons of new creatures and a new mission-based game mechanic. Devs have promised to reveal more over the coming weeks.

Learn more on the ARK: Genesis official site.

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