Arma 3 Will Gets Standalone Total Conversion Argo On June 22nd


Bohemia Interactive (through Bohemia Incubator) announced the experimental total conversion of Arma 3, Argo. It will release on June 22nd as a free game on Steam. Players can expect a new map on which two bands of mercenaries will compete in a 5v5 match.

Impact imminent – Argo Hits On Just 22nd

Players can also expect to find three new 5v5 battles. The multiplayer modes will be Link, Raid and Clash. The first two will take place on small maps while Clash will feature more tactical gameplay. The co-op mode will allow players to team up against brutal AI of Arma 3. The fights will take place on various unrestricted locations of the 62 km² Malden terrain.

There will be no microtransactions in the game and there is no any type of payment requirements to play it. Players eager to support development, however, can purchase completely optional Supporter’s Pack in the form of Steam DLC. It will offer cool in-game rewards:

  • Set of 14 exclusive animations for the MVP screen
  • Bundle of 22 unique apparel items, including facewear and headwear, and backpacks (these items are purely cosmetic and do not offer any gameplay benefits)
  • Highlighted name in the leaderboards
  • Access to premium servers that will be exclusively available for Argo Supporters
  • Access to vehicles in Scenario Editor

The Arma 3 platform will be receiving Argo’s Malden terrain for free in the form of the Arma 3 Malden DLC (also releasing on June 22nd). Did you know that June 22 is a special date for our company? Sixteen years ago, on June 22nd 2001, Bohemia Interactive released its first major game Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis. With Argo’s in-game terrain Malden being a re-imagination of the classic OFP terrain, we felt this would be a fitting way to celebrate the anniversary!

You can find out more on the dev blog as well as read the project’s  prototype FAQ.

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