ARMA Mobile Ops Allows You to Get Into the Holiday Spirit


Bohemia Interactive is in the holiday mood and wants players in ARMA Mobile Ops to get into the spirit of the season too. The latest update to the game brings lots of winter fun for both iOS and Android users.

During the event, players can play in the snow in a serene, yet chilly landscape. Simultaneously, however, they can also work to expand their own military base and take on other players in fierce PvP action.

So much for serenity, eh?

In addition to the holiday landscape, players will also find new avatars and frames, adjustments to various units and the support operation. Lastly, iPhone X support has been added.

ARMA Mobile Ops

Key features of Arma Mobile Ops:

  • Build and manage your own military base: put up strong defenses to protect it against raids and gather resources to build more advanced units.
  • Rank up your soldiers and gain experience: each survived battle makes your soldiers stronger, so carefully plan the attack before you fire the first shots.
  • Face other players in multiplayer matches: raid other players to seize their resources, level up and collect Victory Points for the Player Tournament.
  • Form alliances with friends & conquer the leaderboards: play with your friends and pick the best strategy to dominate the Alliance Tournament, with some sweet resources as a reward.
  • Single player campaign: get familiar with the game in an intriguing single player campaign that serves as a great introduction to the Arma Mobile Ops universe.
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