Armored Warfare Rolls onto Xbox One

Almost a year after Armored Warfare invaded the PlayStation 4,’s multiplayer tank battle is due to tread into even more households, as it launches on the Xbox One. Fans of Microsoft’s home console wont have to stay on standby for long either. Armored Warfare is due to arrive on the Xbox One in August.

Armoured Warfare follows a spate of console ports for the team at, with Warface among the recent converts, and should bring a ton of content for anybody looking to lock and load. Set in a near future dystopia, where governments serve at the behest of suspect global corporations, Armored Warfare pits players against a mix of online PvP, co-op missions, PvE plot lines, and Global Operations..

This mix of season narrative engagements and multiplayer content uncover more about this disastrous outcome for the world. They also allow players to unlock a huge variety of contemporary tank chassis, all ready to roll into near future combat arenas. This includes an entire line of European vehicles and additional maps, exclusive to the Xbox One experience.

Anybody looking to give’s latest a try will be glad to hear that Armored Warfare is completely free for Xbox Gold members. A host of special packs are also available to buy, for those who want to get ahead of the curve. In the meantime, if you are undecided, check out the launch trailer below.

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