Ascent: Infinite Realm Is No More

Ascent Infinite realm Elyon

Ascent: Infinite Realm probably shouldn’t be on your watchlist any more. The upcoming MMO just rebranded and is now called Elyon.

After teasing players back in 2017, A:IR has been under testing and development for the last couple of years. Now publisher Kakao Games has announced this change along with a bit more information on how testing has been going. The new name change is intended to better reflect the current focus of the game, evoking the adventure of exploring a new world. It also happens to be the name of the portals that players will be fighting over when striving for dominance of the world with their chosen faction.


Testing that has been ongoing in Asian regions has resulted in some major focus shifts for the development team, which triggered the change above. The game now relies more heavily on combat, adventure, and combat. Individual and faction clashes now feature a more fluid free form action combat with a wide array of customization for adventurers. Beyond the joy of bashing your friends’ faces in, the wider world of Elyon has been modified too. While Kakao insists that the environment will still have the same mix of magic and steampunk style tech that caught our attention when A:IR debuted, the wider world is undergoing construction to better fit this new direction.

While this change from a tab targeting system to a more free form combat hasn’t exactly gone down well with some other MMOs, Elyon comes from the same team that put together TERA, an MMORPG that excels at fast past action combat. If you are looking for an action-based MMORPG where no two characters are exactly the same, and steampunk magic tech exists, then scratch A:IR off the list and start watching Elyon. You can keep an eye on the upcoming MMO here at Gamespace as well as over on the official Elyon website.


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