Ash of Gods: Redemption – Announcement Trailer

The project of Aurum Dust Studios, Ash of Gods was initially released in 2018 and received mostly positive reviews from the community, with players and critics alike complimenting the difficult adventure provided by the game.

The developers have openly shared their plans to bring the game to the consoles at some point and it seems to be finally happening. Ash of Gods: Redemption will be available on the 31st of January 2020 for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC both physically and digitally.

About the game:

Ash of Gods: Redemption is a turn-based RPG that combines tactical combat, CCG elements, and a constantly evolving story in which no one is safe from death, including the main characters.

Ash of Gods is the story of three separate protagonists rising in response to a centuries-old menace once thought to be mere folklore. Captain Thorn Brenin, the bodyguard Lo Pheng, the scribe Hopper Rouley, and many others, do not yet know that the reapers have returned and intend to drown the world in blood so that they may awaken the sleeping gods.

Check out the game’s Steam page to find out more.

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