Ashes Of Creation Apocalypse Bursts Into Open Beta Next Week

In September the Apocolypse arrives. Ashes Of Creation Apocolypse is about to burst into Open Beta. Sharpen your wits and fight for survival on 24 September.

The prequel for the hotly anticipated MMORPG Ashes of Creation hits PCs is a massive magical battle arena. In Apocalypse, the world of Verra is on the brink of destruction – the only way out is to be the last one standing. Players jumping into the action will find a range of high fantasy fights, full of colorful spells, magical weapons, and an array of mystical gear to wear.

Set in a fully destructible environment, Ashes Of Creation Apocolypse includes more than one way to incinerate your enemies. From royale-style gameplay, castle sieges, and gigantic monster horde battles, Apoloccoypse seems to include all the combat systems that make it a great testing ground for the upcoming MMORPG’s future systems.

Key Battle Royale Features:
  • Multiplayer! Play solos, duos, or with up to 3 other friends in squads against other players online!
    Building destruction! Hack away at the floor beneath your opponent or blow up the entire building with a potion launcher!
  • Diverse combat fighting styles. With various rarity levels and a plethora of weapon and armor ability options, swap up your battle tactics, or find the one that suits you best!
  • Travel and movement options. Block and dodge your opponents, heroic leap on top of buildings to gain the height advantage, use your gryphon to travel long distances, or if you’re lucky, find a trusty steed along your journey!
    All armors, mounts, and cosmetics you earn in Apocalypse transfer to Ashes of Creation the MMORPG!

AOC Apocoly[se has already crammed in some massive milestones since it was first announced back last year. Now it is bringing the destructive power of magic to everyone. Even better, any cosmetic rewards you earn while preparing the ground for Intrepid Game’s Ashes of Creation, port over to the full MMORPG too. Start throwing meteors at your friends or maybe just check out the official website for full details on the open beta instead.


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