Ashes of Creation – Creative Director’s Letter

Ashes of Creation - Creative Director's Letter 2

Steven Sharif, the Creative Director of MMORPG Ashes of Creation, has taken to the official site with a letter dedicated to the results of 2020 and what to expect in 2021.

Early on, the developers from Intrepid Studios have adapted to COVID-19 by switching to work at home policy in March. The change had both benefits and downsides but the team did an outstanding job of maintaining the production schedule. Throughout 2020, Intrepid Studios acquired 27 new team members, expanded publishing operations to include the EU and CIS regions and announced the opening of an office in Amsterdam.

Ashes of Creation also reached a significant milestone: for many months the team worked their hearts out to deliver a 4-day preview of the Alpha One experience in December. Thousands of players joined 5 separate servers to share feedback with the developers.

The devs have several internal milestones planned for the new year. Steven Sharif is hopeful that they will represent significant leaps for the project and the company as a whole. Moving forward, the team will be continually providing more gameplay footage of the alpha.

Around the end of February, players can expect the launch of the new website for Ashes of Creation. The devs note it looks “rather top-notch”. After the rollout of the new website, the team will be continually updating it with new features that will be enumerated in a future post next month.

Every day, as we work to bring you Ashes of Creation, our overarching goal is to provide not just a game to make you proud, but to give you experiences that you can look fondly upon with your friends and enjoy for years to come. We cannot thank you enough for your trust in us, and your support for Ashes of Creation!

Stay safe and keep healthy.

Your faithful Creative Director,

Steven Sharif

Additionally, Intrepid Studios is looking for talented, team-oriented, self-driven and passionate individuals. Check out the new opportunities on the official site, maybe you are the one to join the Intrepid family!

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