Ashes of Creation – Developers Address Cosmetics Concern

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Intrepid Studios’ Steven Sharif has participated in a Reddit thread dedicated to the cash shop cosmetics in Ashes of Creation and their availability. The players were worried that cosmetics available in the cash shop might become free at some point in the future, either completely or in some reskinned edition.

The developer’s response should put those worries to rest.

“There will not be recolors or material swaps on the monthly cosmetics as a means to populate additional achievements in game by player characters. There will however be variants of the cosmetics for NPC populations including quest-givers, guards, merchants and creatures.”

“There will be legendary cosmetics that are ONLY achievable in game and players can know wont be offered in some cosmetic shop in the future undermining their accomplishment. As well as for the more casual players time exclusive purchasable cosmetics from the marketplace, that players who purchase these can rest assured they won’t be available again in some sale by the company in the future.”

Check out the Ashes of Creation’s open letter dedicated to the results of 2020 and what to expect in 2021.

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