Ashes Of Creation Dips Into Water Mounts In Stunning 4K

Ashes of Creation is getting water mounts and Intrepid Studios just gave us all a taster of these rides in glorious 4K

Unveiled as a deep dive over on the official Ashes of Creation Youtube channel, or just catch it at the top of this post, water mounts are a very different type of personal transport which fans can get an early glimpse of in the latest Ashes of Creation development update. Featuring alpha footage of these upcoming animals, the latest teaser is hosted by Creative Director Steven Sharif and marks something of a change from the Scalerunner preview that dropped earlier this year. Thankfully for eager gamers, it also provides plenty of detail on what’s coming in the depths of development, as well as the design process behind these unique creatures.

While the latest news from the Ashes of Creation development cycle might show off the beauty of Verras, that’s not all that is unveiled. The water mount information comes as part of a larger development diary that delves into dwarven architecture, coastal environments, and touches on much of the underwater content you can expect to see. Even the short demo of the Tide Snapper, a turtle-like mount, mentions ships and sea dungeons. There is also a bunch of top community Q&A and a special contest announcement (featuring Alpha One keys!), You can check out the full VOD here.

For any of you that haven’t checked in on Ashes of Creation since the Apocolypse testing servers went live back in 2019, then you’ll be glad to know that this huge new MMORPG is well into development. The Kickstarted MMORPG has had plenty of updates and this high fantasy MMORPG looks set to make something of a splash hen it finally arrives. Even after parting ways with My.Games, we’re excited to see it hit PC eventually.

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