Ashes Of Creation Unleashes The Scalerunner

Ashes of Creation has unveiled just the thing for Intrepid adventurers today. Say hello and hop on board the Scalerunner.

The te behind the upcoming MMORPG has released a detailed break down of this scaley mount and it is exactly what every soldier needs when heading into battle. While other massive open world extravaganzas are eager to put players atop unicorns and more familiar quadrupeds, the Scalerunner is a thing that children might be more used to in their nightmares. Hailing from a forgotten crevasse in the land of Verra, the Scalerunner is essentially a massive lizard and the latest blog post provides a run down of the lore and development of this battle borne beast.

Mean Green Machine

As backers of Ashes might expect, the Scalerunner provides players with a definite increase in mobility, moving at a pace that will run down their enemies and proving that it always counts to get on your horse or lizard. The beast is purported to have a venomous bite and is a formidable foe on the battlefield. If you want to go over the lore and development of this beast then check out the developer blog or watch the youtube video above for plenty of information direct from the developers about this big green beastie.

While we would love to see more practical information about Ashes of Creation coming out on developer blogs this mount is certainly cooler than the average MMO ride. We fully expect to see plenty of Scalerunner cosmetics in game when Ashes of Creation makes it onto PC sometime in the future. To keep up to date with AoC check out the official website or keep your eyes peeled here at Gamespace.

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  1. That is an awesome mount, I love the idea of a game getting away from the usual four legged mounts & this one is gorgeous!

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