Ashes Of Creation Wrap Up Alpha One And Release New Boss Battle Video

Intrepid Studios, the team responsible for the upcoming Ashes of Creation MMO have just wrapped up an Alpha One pretest with new footage of the event.

The latest update from Intrepid gives those of us who couldn’t get into the recent 4 day event a glimpse of several new areas of Ashes of Creation. While we gave you plenty of warning back in October all is not lost if you missed the alpha. The latest update adds to earlier developer diaries filling in some of the empty space between our ears and giving eager adventurers a glimpse at everything from combat to water mounts, this time giving us a glimpse of some of the new zones featured during Alpha test One. Distributed over a total of 75,000 square kilometres, players participating in the early test phase got a chance to take a wander through some of the areas in the teaser above and take down some early challenges. Making its debut as the centrepiece of this peek behind the curtain is one of the testing regime’s boss fights. This level 10 entity, known as ‘It Who Sunders the Land’ gives us a chance to see how combat mechanics and PvE might begin to play out using a multitude of classes and effects through this Ashes of Creation boss battle.

Even if you’re not interested in checking out the boss battle, the impressive 4K capture is very pretty if nothing else, and there’s plenty of time to check out more about Ashes of Creation before the next testing event goes live sometime in February 2021. If you’re interested in entering a fallen fantasy world untouched by civilization for thousands of years and rebuilding this forgotten realm then find out more over at the Ashes of Creation website now.

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