Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Discovery Tour: Viking Age Is Available Now

The developers from Ubisoft have revealed that Assassin Creed: Valhalla received its educational Discovery Tour: Viking Age. You can dive into this mode if you own the game or purchase it separately as a standalone on PC via Ubisoft Connect and Epic Games Store.

This new experience was designed with input from historians and archaeologists and will transform the game’s world into a nonviolent, educational experience that players can freely explore to learn more about the places, people, and cultures of ninth-century England and Norway.

However, unlike the previous entries in the series, Viking Age will take a new approach to how players will explore history: instead of embarking on guided tours, they will assume the roles of different characters and take on quests, which aim to bring them closer to the material by putting them at the center of it.

Additionally, there are all-new rewards to collect for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, including gear, mounts, and new cosmetics. Based on historical items and inspired by Norse Mythology, these new rewards are exclusive to Discovery Tour.


In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, become Eivor, a fierce Viking warrior from Norway, and embark on the greatest journey. Settle with your clan in the rich lands of England and give your people hope and a reason to fight for. Meet the hidden ones and uncover the mysteries of this new saga… Between wars and secrets, will you claim your place in Valhalla?

Check out the official site of Ubisoft to find out more.

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