Aston Microphones introduced Stealth – the world’s most versatile microphone

Capture and create quality sound without

UK-Based microphone mavericks Aston Microphones announce the launch of the Aston Stealth. With a focus on content creation and versatility, the Stealth is a ground-breaking broadcast quality microphone with 4 switchable voices to capture your unique voice in almost any situation.

The Aston Stealth was developed in partnership with and under the scrutiny of more than 90 top engineers, producers and artists on the Aston 33 development panel. These professions participated in a battery of blind listening tests for the purpose of creating the best possible sound. As a result, the Stealth found its four voice settings: Vocal 1, Vocal 2, Guitar and Dark. Each voice setting offers a broad variety of professional class sound suited for just about every application.

The Aston Stealth works as both a passive and active microphone, so if you do not have the capability to feed it 48V or phantom power, you will still get quality capture. But that isn’t the Stealth’s only power trick: It’s a the world’s first. This microphone can autodetect whether or not the 48V phantom power exists and automatically switches the mic to the appropriate mode. When active, the Aston Stealth has a built-in, high quality, Class A Mic Preamp which eliminates the dependency on external gain lifting devices. The Stealth also features a Sorbothane internal shock mount system and a nearly indestructible build quality that makes Aston Microphones legendary.

Aston Stealth features:

  • Broadcast quality cardioid microphone for studio and stage
  • 4 settings – 4 different voices – 4 discrete signal paths
  • Works with and without 48V phantom power
  • Autodetect function senses 48V and activates built-in preamp
  • Class A mic preamp built in – no external gain lifting device required
  • Unique Sorbothane internal shock mount
  • Excellent off axis (side) rejection
  • Built-in purple LED phantom power indicator – switchable for stealth mode
  • Aston’s legendary build quality
  • Sound developed by 92 top engineers, producers and artists on the Aston 33 panel
  • Supplied with quick release stand mount

Aston Microphones says that the Stealth is “four professional mics in one, with so many cutting-edge features, and suitable for almost every conceivable application, that, we believes, Stealth is the world’s most versatile microphone.”

If you are a content creator looking for audio gear, keep your eyes and ears here at GameSpace because the Aston Stealth may be sneaking up on us soon!

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