Astro Gaming Gets New A03 In-Ear Monitors

Astro Gaming, the brand behind the hugely impressive A50 headset, has unveiled the latest addition to its lineup, the Astro A03 In-Ear Monitor.

The Astro A03 is a new slimline in ear audio device designed specifically for mobile and console gaming performance. As the latest entry in the Astro lineup, the team behind these new buds are quick to differentiate them from any simple comparisons with other devices.

Under the hood, the Astro A03 houses two separate drivers in each ear housing. This extra set of drivers allows the Astro A03 to split audio output, rather than try to muddle through with a halfway approximation of what you’d expect to hear, the Astro A03 dedicate one driver in each ear to bass while the other pumps out mids and highs for your lugs. The concept should provide a richer and clearer soundscape for anybody thumping through DOOM on their Nintendo Switch or listening to the soaring soundscape out in the Breath of The Wild.

“Gamers want a convenient way to enjoy pro-grade audio while on the go,” said Aron Drayer, VP of Marketing for ASTRO Gaming. “The new A03 IEM expands our line-up with a competitively priced solution designed to deliver the sound quality, comfort and style ASTRO customers expect.”

To ensure that you’ll get maximum use out of the Astro A03, there’s no Bluetooth or wireless compatibility. Instead, this new arrival comes with a wired 3.5mm jack connection meaning gamers won’t have to worry about compatibility or battery life, at least for the audio side of things. While this means that these drivers might have a limit power draw, you’ll always have the option to plug in a USB amp like the Creative SXFi while on the go.

Finally, the aluminium construction, tangle free flat cables, and range of colors make the Astro A03 an attractive proposition that shouldn’t look out of place whenever we all get back outside again. To find out more about the Astro A03 In-Ear Monitor check out the official website now.

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