Asus Announce The Zenfone 7 Series Triple Flip Camera Phone

Asus, more widely known in gaming circles for the ROG gaming brand, has just announced its new Zenfone Series 7 phone and it’s packing a rather unusual new feature.

Here at Gamespace, we cover a ton of upcoming mobile games, from match-three distractions to the more recent release of EvE Echoes. However, we don’t normally focus on your on the go gaming platform. With the announcement of the Asus Zenfone 7, manufacturer of TUF series gaming components is set to give gamers a mix of top-end gaming performance and a unique triple flip camera. Taking a lead from the Zenfone 6’s flip camera design, the follow up adds a further camera to the array, meaning anybody looking to toa a few snaps between games can grab phots with a variety of options.

Looking Good

The new camera array, which flips down or up depending on your orientation, includes a 64MP main camera, a 12MP wide-angle lens, and a new 8MP telephoto lens. The telephoto option provides a total of 3x optical zoom, dispensing with the grainy digital zoom that we’ve all come to expect from mobile close-ups. The wide-angle lens also benefits from Asus’ experience with the ROG Phone III, borrowing the same setup as ROG Phone III owners have been using since its launch.

This isn’t the only thing that the Zenfone 7 borrow from the ROG gaming themed mobile either. The Zenfone 7 and Zenfone 7 Plus variants of this new lineup also utilise the Snapdragon 865 and 865 Plus chipset found in the ROG platform. This all means that the Zenfone 7 isn’t a bottom end entrant. You’ll have to do a bit of searching to find this in western markets and the phone, featuring up to 8GB of RAM, a 6.67 AMOLED screen, and as much as 256GB of internals, will come in at around $750-$1000 when it arrives globally on 1 September. You can find out more about the Zenfone 7 Series Triple Flip Camera Phone over at the Asus website.

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