Asus to Launch New Gaming-Specific Smartphone


The long-awaited gaming smartphone from Asus will soon compete with the Razer Phone, in a bid to claim the title of a No.1 gaming phone. The idea of smartphones being designed specifically for gaming is becoming a more popular one, which helps to explain the huge amount of interest surrounding the ROG phone. There hasn’t been a price announced as yet, as it will depend on such factors as mobile networks and available capacity. Right now, however, the RGO has just one major competitor: the Razer Phone, which comes with a price tag of $599. Asus will likely price its product in a similar range, although it could go a bit higher. After all, by the time that Asus’ new phone is released in this year’s Q3, there may well be a Razer Phone 2.

Sleek design

Smartphone design has, in many ways, become boring and stagnant. The ROG, on the other hand, is more on the unconventional, and even eccentric, side. The Razer Phone is stealthy and sleek, with its square black aesthetic, while the ROG has adopted a completely different look. Aside from a far more rounded shape, there are a lot more happening. Taking a leaf out of other products from its portfolio, the RPG has a number of striking features to catch the eye.

Asus has clearly caught on to the fact that mobile gaming is becoming increasingly popular. Whether it’s classic games, such as Angry Birds or the 2016 phenomenon that was Pokemon Go, as mobile usage increases, so does mobile gaming. The success of Pokemon Go was down to a number of reasons, but the fact that it made people get up and go out, and involved them in a community, was part of its appeal. That was only made possible thanks to the game being accessible on smartphone. We’re also seeing app versions of casino game providers such as Mr. Green make playing popular games such as roulette and slots even easier to play on the go. There’s even a Mr Green affiliate program for people who wish to earn money from spreading the word about the online casino. Having been voted the best online casino for three straight years, it would suggest that such strategies just may be working; a testament to not only the company, but to the success of its app. The new phone from Asus is just another indication of a growing market for mobile gaming.

Impressive specs

The RGO phone also features numerous high-end specs that appear as though they should be on a laptop spec sheet. There’s little doubt that we’re looking here at one of the most impassive smartphones ever. Core specs are also impressive. It includes the fastest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 version available. Throw in the standard 8GB RAM, and the phone provides some impressive raw power. The ROG will feature 128GB storage minimally, although there’ll be an additional model available with a massive 512GB.

The ROG presents genuine competition for the Razer Phone. The goal is to offer the best possible gaming experience and Asus has gone all-in on just that. It looks like it may well have achieved it as well, with numerous cool features such as AirTriggers and AeroActive Cooler.

Asus says that the model has been in development since 2013. The company, in a likely intentional pun, described its new product as game-changing. There’s no other way of saying it: this phone is a monster.

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