Atlas captains set sail for new Blackwood zone

Pirate-y sandbox game Atlas has been updated to bring a large new map into the game. Called Blackwood, the free DLC brings players a “dark twist on the Equatorial biome”. There are jungles to forge through, caves to delve into, villages to visit, farms to tend, dangerous creatures to defeat, rare plant life to discover, and “the occasional Gorgon”. Along the way, players will find hidden treasures, shipwrecks, and even a Mermaid City to check out. Of course, it adds to the mystery that both a Hydra and a Dragon make an appearance to keep things exciting.

Check out all of the details by visiting the Atlas Steam page.

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About Blackwood
  • The full ATLAS experience (including all your favorite features and mechanics) merged into a single 1×1 server grid.
  • 7 unique biomes across 11 islands, from hazy bogs teeming with life to mysterious jungles full of danger and toil.
  • Resource-rich islands complete with every material from the core game.
  • New cities and outlying areas ideal for roleplaying and server events.
  • A beautiful mermaid city ripe for exploration.
  • A new boss arena featuring unpredictable enemy types and spawn locations.
  • The Forbidden Reach: a hard mode island featuring elemental beings.
  • Other iconic ATLAS content, such as Army of the Damned mobs, all 9 Power Stone locations, the Fountain of Youth, your favorite tameable creatures, and much more…


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