Atlas Reactor: Kitten Kabooming into Season 3 Chapter 3!

Atlas Reactor Nev

There is a whole lot of hoopla this week as TRION WORLDS team based arena battler Atlas Reactor launches Chapter 3 with the newest Freelancer.

Nev:3 – The Kitten Kaboomer

New Evolutionary Variant number 3, fondly known as Nev:3 pounces into the city of Atlas as Evolution Solutions (EvoS) Trust’s Community Manager. Known for her “catastrophic cattacks” she is the lab technician recruited by Dr Finn that engineers and evolves into  her own cross-species transformation built on dexterity and custom made catarangs.

Atlas Reactor Nev

Nev:3 – Play Style

Nev:3 is a Firepower that uses catarangs (hoops) like a boomerang. She is playful and quick with a fidget spinner style ultimate “Cataclysm” that is pretty boomtastic in three different directions.  You can take some risks with her as she has high energy gain with an “Acrocat” dash move that lets her land on her feet whenever she needs to often in one match thanks to that energy gain.

Atlas Reactor Nev

What stands out differently with her is her catarangs, they go to where she needs them to in the blast phase returning to wherever she is in the next blast phase continuing to cause damage as she then delivers her move for that blast phase.

She brings a more in-depth level of movement. Not only do you need to be more careful where or if you move to not receive damage from her returning catarangs but she also can move somewhere multiplying damage. Her mods are perhaps the most exciting so far as you figure out if you want to be all up in the fray cat fighting or standing back running rings around your opponents.

Atlas Reactor Nev

As you have probably now guessed, any friend of Dr. Finns is bound to have sass and humor built into their purrsonality and hers are a cringe or giggle cat-astrophe!  Nev :3 will not be available in ranked mode for two weeks, her level 20 title is “Ringmaster” and yes the :3 is part of her official name pronounced Nev not Neeve…

Chapter 3 – Survival of the Fittest

Atlas Reactor has 5 Chapters per Season that bring with them quests to earn rewards in the form of ISO (in game currency) and often skins, emoticons or overcons. Chapter 3 is all about the origins of Nev. This season you earn Khita’s “phew” overcon for just logging in!

Atlas Reactor Nev

Who enjoys Atlas Reactor?

Yes Atlas Reactor is naturally aimed at players who enjoy strategy games but  Atlas Reactor is also becoming a go-to introduction to strategy games for MMORPG players who thrive on games with collections and achievements.

Introduced with Chapter 1 Season 3 Atlas reactor now has Stats and Achievements for each match and Freelancer with more achievements being added to Chapter 3.

If you missed out on all the recent promotions including Liberty that celebrated July 4th. Never fear! There are frequent skin collecting promotions with the current Hyperbotics (Atlas Reactors latest Trust)  promotion running until the end of Chapter 4 still giving you time to collect em all!

Atlas Reactor Nev

Chapter 3 brings two new “Treasure Hunter” skins for Celeste and Grey  later in the Chapter and reliably sourced rumor has it Trust skins reappear again somehow, somewhere. Atlas Reactor now has four Trusts: Evolution Solutions, Omni, Helio Corps and Hyperbotics with Wildcards also fulfilling contracts to gain control over the Reactor of Atlas.

Atlas Reactor as a  Free To Play

Now being Free To Play Atlas Reactor has  remained a game with very few transactions going as far as also removing seasonal loot matrices that offered random latest skins, now new skins are available as  direct purchase.

Atlas Reactor Nev

GG Boosts that add experience are available as well loot matrices that have been in the game since launch but these can be achieved in game, the latest skins eventually being added to the current loot matrices tables or via in game currency.

It’s written in the Stars

There is no doubt Chapter 3 will have anime and cat fans feline good and as Atlas Reactor nears its first birthday lore fans will also enjoy more details as birthdays for all the freelancers have been added to the bio’s available at the ready screen. Here’s a handy list for you in alphabetical order!

ASANA: July 11th AURORA: February 28th BLACKBURN: February 6th BRYNN:  November 24th CELESTE: September 27th DR FINN: March 20th ELLE: January 8th GARRISON: April 23rd GREMO INCS: May 2nd GREY:  April 18th HELIO: March 3rd JUNO: July 15th KAIGIN: September 23rd KHITA: May 8th LOCKWOOD: September 7th MERIDIAN: N/A NEV :3: June 12th NIX: November 17th ORION: January 13th OZ: April 1st PHAEDRA: February 20th PUP: August 14th QUARK: December 9th RAMPART: June 3rd RASK: October 31st SU-REN: November 1st TITUS: October 5th TOL-REN: November 1st ZUKI: May 30th

Do you share your birthday or Zodiac with any of the Freelancers? Have you tried Atlas Reactor and if so what did you think? Have you tried it lately and seen all the stat and achievement updates? Did you know about the Lore in Atlas Reactor? What are your thoughts on Lore and Collectibles in strategy games or any computer games?

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