Atlas Rogues Gets new Freelancers Next Week

Atlas Rogues

Get ready to take a new turn in Atlas Rogues. Gamigo has just confirmed that their new tactical adventure is getting new Freelancers next week.

Gamigo has just confirmed that its brand new Atlas spin off is set to get some new characters next week. It’s barely been more than a month since Atlas Rogues added both Nix and Aurora into the mix, on 17 December last year, and now it looks like we are going to get another two standout characters in the roster. While Gamigo confirmed that players are set to get a new set of options, we don’t have many details on the upcoming additions quite yet.

The two newest playable characters in Atlas Rouges will bring the current playable roster up to a total of 14 characters but we still have no idea if they will be part of the standard roster or will need to be unlocked. Even if you’re not a fan of grinding out access to Rogues like nix, Gamigo’s Early Access return to Atlas is certainly full of interesting characters. Picking from a team of powerful heroes and miscreants, you’ll build a strike fore and jump into a gripping mix of turn based strategy and PvE action as you go solo or bring a friend for a co-op raid through a diverse game world.

If you’ve already picked up an Early Access copy of Atlas Rogues or are eager to find out what the two new Freelancers look and play like, then The Gamigo team are set to drop a preview over on twitch later this week. It’s likely that alongside the awesome new firepower, the community team at Gamigo will also dig into the rest of next week’s new patch and preview any upcoming bug fixes and the game’s skin system. You can head over to the official website to get the full briefing on Atlas Rogues before even more heroic types get out on the front lines next week.

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